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Whether you are renovating the family home or building a brand new one you will find the services offered by CFS Grinding & Polishing Townsville can offer a new perspective to modern design.

If you need to re-create your commercial, retail or industrial premise the same effects can be achieved with a durable, hard wearing finish that will ensure longevity and value for money.

Whatever your needs may be it is worth considering the cost effectiveness and value adding benefits of having all your concrete surrounds professionally prepared and presented by CFS Grinding & Polishing.

We will remove that tired and ugly old floor covering system and then restore and renovate the surface to provide a modern and refreshing new look in your choice of high gloss or satin finish in one of the many selections of modern designer colours.

Our concrete polishing systems are suitable for use in residential, retail and commercial environments. With our proven methods of delivering cutting edge concrete flooring systems we have always brought results that are fresh, exciting and value adding.


Our dust controlled equipment will make it short and accurate and leave your slabs ready for the application of your preferred floor covering.


If your floor happens to be chipped, cracked or has lost its look because of improperly done surface coatings we can help you restore them to a new finish.


A viable alternative to expensive floor coverings at home or at work! CFS Grinding & Polishing provides customers with 3 levels of polished concrete finishes


With CFS Grinding & Polishing you can deal with the regions most established and experienced floor and slab preparation specialists when building or renovating

Concrete grinding, concrete polishing and concrete colouring will add style and value to your new or renovated home, retail premise and your commercial buildings. Accept no substitutes, CFS Grinding & Polishing are the North’s No.1 concrete specialists conveniently located to handle all the needs of the region.

Mail: PO Box. 8033, Garbutt QLD 4814 Email: concreteflooringservices@hotmail.com

NOTE: When you agree to use our services and make any purchases from us you confirm your acceptance of our terms and conditions. You expressly confirm that you have read and understood and that you are bound by manufacturers and/or their accredited company’s TDS and anti-slip requirements.

Mob: 0438 137 545

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